Stock Music
by Jeff Monkman

"Stock Music" is music owned by artists and production music libraries that is licensed to customers for use in film, television, radio and other media. Click Here to see all my available stock music tracks.

Stock Guitar Music
1.  Transcend Solo 152
2.  Stock Dobro Solo 1
3.  Stock Dobro Solo 2
4.  Knopfler Groove 302
5.  Knopfler Groove 301
6.  Driving Guitar Solo 301
7.  Time to Burn
8.  Fender Solo
9.  Page Solo
10. Down East Blues (Full Version)
11. Clapton SRV 1
12. Clapton SRV 2
13. Clapton SRV 3
14. Allman Brothers 1
15. Allman Brothers 2
16. Neil Young Groove 1
17. Laid Back Guitar Solo 601
18. Puddle
19. Chupakabra
20. Soft Rock Solo
21. Fuel of Life
22. Only Son
23. Acoustic Bliss
24. Superstar Slide
25. Superstar Solo
26.  Acoustic Sound Hole 401
27.  Mind in Love
28.  Twist of Lime

Custom Guitar Music
Custom music tracks of all lengths are available for TV, short films, radio, etc... Please Contact Me for more info.

Custom tracks can be acoustic or electric guitar oriented. I use "real" guitars and tube amplifiers to come as close as possible to a vintage tone. No fake digital amp modeling is used.

I can emulate the styles of Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, SRV, Jimmy Page, Neil Young, Allman Brothers and more to fit whatever feel/sound it is that you are looking for.
Jeff Monkman: Archipelago

Royalty Free Music
Royalty Free Music for use in creative audio-visual projects including YouTube, TV, Film, Websites, PowerPoint, Animations, All Media.